Office of Residential Education

Summer Closing

With the end of the summer semester quickly approaching, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with essential checkout information.

Please follow these directions to avoid charges and fines that can result from checking out improperly.

College Housing Information

All college housing closes at 9 a.m. on Friday, September 3rd . All residents (except for students approved to stay) must complete their checkouts 24 hours after their last exam or by 9 a.m. on Friday, September 3rd (whichever comes first). The halls will be closed for the term.

Failure to vacate college housing by 9 a.m. will result in a $50 per hour fine. Make sure your travel plans coincide with this deadline. Once you check out of your room, you must leave the building. ID cards and all other access will be turned off at 9 a.m., no exceptions.

Official Checkout

All students must complete the online Express Checkout Form. In village housing, residents will receive an additional letter that explains Village-specific procedures.

Residence Halls

All students must complete the online Express Checkout Form.

  • No specific appointment time is needed for an express checkout. Instead, students need to complete the online Express Checkout Form.
  • College staff will then assess each unit for damages. Students are able to contest damage charges as long as they checkout properly and follow the appeal process.

Before you check out you must complete the following:

  • Individual bedrooms and the common area(s) must be cleaned including floor, closets, drawers, and furniture surfaces. Properly dispose of trash, sweep, vacuum, and dust.
  • The walls and ceiling must be clean of all tape, marks, hooks, adhesive and tacks.
  • Return furniture to original arrangement/configuration. (All beds must be unbunked, and in lowest position off the floor.)
  • Remove all personal belongings from the room. You may not leave any items on campus. No items may be stored on campus.

Failure to check out by the deadline waives your ability to contest any fees and incurs a $50 improper check out fee. In addition, any damage found in the room will automatically be charged to you.

Professional staff members and facilities staff will each enter the units to assess the space. All residents will receive written documentation of any charges assessed through Oberlin email.

Appeals of Residential Education checkout charges must be received within 30 days of billing. The criteria upon which appeals may be based are:

  • new information is available that was not available at the time charges were assessed
  • charges were incorrectly assessed

1. Complete the Checkout Charge Appeal Form . The request for an appeal must include a detailed rationale that addresses one or all of the criteria.

2. An Assistant Director of Residential Education will begin investigating the appeal within five business days of receipt.

3. If the charges are not able to be appealed, students will be notified and the appeal process will end at this point.

4. If the charges are able to be appealed, students will be notified of the outcome of the appeal. Notification will occur within three weeks of receipt.

5. If the appeal is denied, a final appeal based on the criteria above may be made to the Director of Residential Education (or designee) within 5 business days of the initial decision. The determination of the Director of Residential Education (or designee) is final.

Students approved stay

If you currently live in college housing and will be living in college housing for fall 2021, you may request to remain on campus for the month of September until the fall 2021 term starts. Note - Summer students living in Village Housing will need to vacate their summer room on or before September 3 and move into Barrows Hall for the September Break. Requests will be reviewed and decisions made on a first come, first served basis. The form to request to stay for the September break is available online at:

During the September Break, you will need to be on campus and prepared to move into your fall room assignment within 24 hours of the notice that it is ready. On a case by case basis, some transportation service for moving from one building to another will be available.

During the weeks between the summer and fall term, all College Housing is prepped and cleaned for the fall term. We will be working the weeks between summer and fall terms to prepare the campus for the fall term. We have a quick turnover so in order for us to be able prepare all of the spaces for the next Obies, we appreciate your cooperation with this process. Only students approved to stay are allowed to reside in designated College Housing. No guests are permitted. 

No Storage Only option for students’ possessions.

Oberlin College is not able to offer a “storage only option” for summer students’ possessions. There are storage facilities in the community and a student will need to make arrangements directly with the storage company.

Support Funds for September Break and Early Arrival Students:

Support funds are available to assist students with demonstrated financial need to pay for break housing-dining, early arrival housing and/or an off campus storage location - please see for more information on requesting support funds.