Office of Financial Aid

Winter Term Financial Aid

There are no additional tuition or room fees for winter term at Oberlin College. Students may purchase or use their Oberlin College identification cards to charge individual meals during winter term. Students may also use flex dollars that remain in their accounts from the fall semester to purchase meals during winter term.

Oberlin College will help high-need students fund their winter-term board expenses by offering them student loans. To be considered, students must:

  • complete the winter-term board loan application and return it to the Office of Financial Aid,
  • be a dependent student with a total parental contribution (as calculated by the Office of Financial Aid) of less than $2,000, or be an independent student whose total contribution does not exceed $2,250,
  • register and successfully complete a winter-term project, and
  • board on campus or in a co-op; off-campus food expenses will not be covered.

Students who board with Campus Dining Service may charge their costs on a per-meal basis. Students who board in a co-op should make arrangements with OSCA to pay their winter-term charge directly to OSCA. Students who are eligible for assistance will be notified by the Office of Financial Aid and instructed on when to come into the office and complete the loan paperwork. The loan to cover winter-term board charges will be offered in either a Federal Perkins Loan or International Student Loan. If a student has successfully completed a winter-term project, he or she will be eligible for up to $400 or the winter-term board charge, whichever is less. The Office of Financial Aid will not reimburse students for any board costs paid by another department or agency.