Oberlin’s facilities are unsurpassed by any school its size. The college has one of the nation’s most extensive college library collections; one of the finest college art museums in the country; and first-rate facilities in music, theater arts, the natural sciences, computing, and physical education.

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Robertson Hall

The conservatory’s main practice building has 150 individual practice rooms—most with windows.
Robertson Hall practice room

Russian House (Allencroft)

Russian House (Allencroft) is a coeducational residence that supports students’ study of Russian language. It is the college’s oldest residence hall, built in 1861 at the start of the American Civil War.
front outside view of small brick house with extended front porch.

Science Center

The Science Center houses the departments of biology, chemistry, neuroscience, physics, and the science library.
exterior view of walkway and entrance to science center

Science Library

Part of the Science Center complex, the college opened a spacious library with materials devoted to astronomy, biochemistry, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, neuroscience, physics, and zoology.
two students sitting at table with backs to each other.

Service Building

he Service Building houses several administrative offices that provide employment-related and service-oriented assistance to the college.
Photo of Service Building

Severance Hall

Oberlin’s Department of Psychology has its classrooms and offices here.
Severance Hall

Shansi House

Shansi House is owned by Oberlin Shansi, an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that promotes understanding and communication between Asians and Americans.
Photo of Shansi House