Zechiel House

a two story brick residence hall named Zechiel House.
Exterior of Zechiel House.
Photo credit: Kevin Reeves

Zechiel House, also known as Latinx Heritage House, is a designated living and learning space that prioritizes the historical and contemporary experiences of Latinx/o/a people. The house is a communal space for residents to foster new relationships at Oberlin College by developing stronger peer support networks, thus contributing to a positive, inclusive, and intimate living environment.

Latinx Heritage House is open to people that are interested in discussing, engaging, and mobilizing for the growth and development of Latinx/o/as and encourages applications from historically disenfranchised student communities (i.e. first-generation, low-income college, non-binary/gender nonconforming, persons of color, queer, trans, and undocumented students).