Wilder Bowl

Students relaxing in Wilder Bowl
Students take a break from studying in Wilder Bowl.
Photo credit: Matthew Lester

Wilder Bowl is the heart of campus, a large, open grassy area surrounded by trees and dotted by benches.

Almost every student walks through it daily to get to class. Much of the campus comes here to hang out, join a drum circle, toss a Frisbee, read, play music, or enjoy a bit of the area sunshine.

Bordering Wilder Bowl are the Wilder Student Union, Mudd Center (the Terrell Main Library), the King Building, and Rice Hall.

The Cox Administration Building, home of the Office of the President, is along the periphery; as is Dascomb Hall, a onetime residence hall with a dining room; and Warner Center, a former gymnasium that is now a space for the theater and dance departments.




4:30 pm to 6:00 pm EDT
Wilder Bowl