Office of Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability Map

This is a guide to noteworthy, sustainability-related initiatives on campus.

The map is divided into three layers based on popularity and relevance:

  • The Essentials: For those of you who want to see the large-scale sustainable innovations that the College has to offer. Includes green buildings, the solar array, and other major attractions.
  • The Basics: Interested in Oberlin's environmental infrastructure? Find out the locations of neat buildings and residences, offices, and other cool initiatives. 
  • Digging Deeper*: For those interested in small-scale, green features. Mostly grounds features like meadows, rain gardens, and other tidbits.

Icons are colored based on the following themes: organizations, buildings, renewables, technology, & efficiency, transportation, and green outdoor features

*Note: To see the Digging Deeper layer you must adjust your viewing settings

  1. In the above map, click on the list icon source: in the upper left hand corner
  2. Then, scroll down in the box until you see the desired layer
  3. Simply click on Digging Deeper to open the layer
  4. To hide the list, click on the up arrow

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