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Car Sharing

Oberlin EV CarShare

The city of Oberlin and Oberlin College and Conservatory have four all electric CarShare vehicles (Chevrolet Bolts) available to any Oberlin resident or Oberlin College student with a valid driver's license, pending certain requirements. The cost is $8 an hour (plus tax). The program is provided through Sway Mobility, a company that provides electric vehicles as CarShares so that people who do not need cars frequently enough to own one or cannot afford the costs of cars can still get around. The electric vehicles will help Oberlin College and Conservatory reach our carbon neutrality goal by providing alternative transportation options.


  1. Once vehicle the city hall parking lot (85 South Main St. behind the Police Dept.) 
  2. One vehicle George A. Abram Memorial Pavilion (273 South Main St. behind McDonald's.)
  3. Two vehicles at the Adam Joseph Lewis Center parking lot (122 Elm St. North of the solar array.)

All vehicles need to be returned to the location that you got them from. 

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