Office of Energy and Sustainability

OES Programs

The Office of Energy and Sustainability runs a number of programs aimed at advancing sustainability.

Ecolympics is Oberlin's annual community competition and event series focused on sustainability.

The Oberlin College Eco Rep Progam is open to current students who help to enhance knowledge and skills to successfully communicate sustainability to their peers. 

The Agrivoltaics Project, which began in Spring 2023, is an initiative to find less carbon intensive technology to maintain the vegetation near and around the campus' largest solar array by using livestock.

In partnership with Re:Wild, we are working to pilot a new organic landscaping project.

The Green Room Program is a self-certification program for students to evaluate their sustainability efforts, be recognized for them, and inspire peer-to-peer education.

The Green Office Program (GOPro) was designed to involve offices in the campus-wide effort to reduce energy consumption and move towards carbon neutrality.

Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) is a systematic, empirically based approach to designing behavior change programs in order to help the college meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025.

The Car Sharing program offers a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective transportation alternative for students, faculty/staff, and members of the community.

The Energy Conservation Rebate Program is specifically designed to allow various stakeholders at Oberlin College to 1) understand what rebates are available to them and 2) how to make the most of these resources.

The Clothing Care and Repair Campaign is a series of educational events that reveal the environmental impact of the fashion industry and provide resources for reducing textile waste on campus.

The Cold Water Wash Campaign significantly reduces energy consumption in laundry rooms through education about the personal and environmental benefits of washing clothes with cold water.