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Are you bored of your commute? Now you can carpool with others on campus to work. Sign up with your Oberlin email address on and join the movement!

We are excited to test a new resource for faculty/staff commuter! Gohiocommute is a secure website that will connect you with others looking for a carpool group in the same area.

Thanks to those who participated in surveys and focus groups last year, a team of students, faculty, and staff have chosen an established, subsidized platform to assist carpooling among Oberlin faculty and staff. Carpooling can bring many benefits to the Oberlin community: it saves gas money and wear and tear on vehicles, it helps people connect, it spreads out the task of driving, and it reduces our environmental impact.

To realize these many benefits, the team is committed to helping the formation of carpool groups go smoothly; so very little work will be expected of you. The first step is simply to sign up on the carpool platform

Signing up on the platform does not obligate you to carpool. The website allows users at Oberlin College to see others’ routes and form carpool groups. We have staff to help facilitate organizing groups. Your commute info will only be visible to Oberlin users.  Further, it will not identify you or your specific address -- just your street name or town/city and your chosen screen name. Please sign up using your email address at (making sure to indicate “Oberlin College” under “Networks”).

This soft launch is a pilot of the gohiocommute software. Signing up will put more carpoolers on the map and allow carpool groups to organize and communicate efficiently. You and your carpool group will have autonomy over how you want your carpool to go -- which days you carpool, what time you leave, whether you listen to music, where to meet up, whose driving, etc.

Afraid of being abandoned on campus? Not to fear. If something happens and you or your carpool need to leave, gohiocommute provides two guaranteed rides home each semester. This means you could take a taxi/Uber/Lyft/bus and be reimbursed for the cost.

If you have any questions about carpooling on campus, feel free to email

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