Office of Energy and Sustainability

Green Office Program

The Green Office Program (GOPro) was designed to involve offices in the campus-wide effort to reduce energy consumption and move towards carbon neutrality. 

The impetus for the creation of the Green Office Program is twofold: 1) the acknowledgement that, unlike students, faculty and staff on campus don’t have clear avenues or resources for getting involved with campus sustainability, and 2) because most faculty and staff work on campus 40 hours a week, year-round, and make decisions that have bearing on campus’ footprint, it is critical to involve offices in sustainability efforts.

The program aims to become a new channel to engage faculty and staff in conservation and sustainability activities. It is also an opportunity for offices to take ownership of their role in Oberlin’s commitment to sustainability and be recognized for their efforts.


Our goal is to create a Green Office Program at Oberlin College that: 1) encourages and challenges college faculty and staff offices and departments to engage in sustainability behaviors, 2) engages faculty and staff in sustainability issues, 3) provides networking opportunities to interested faculty/staff, while also breaking down silos to allow collaboration across campus, 4) provides structure for engagement, but also allows for new ideas to emerge from within units, 5) provide sustainability-related professional development opportunities, and 6) recognize offices for their work on sustainability.