Classical Civilization

Program Type:
  • Major
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Through a variety of courses, we seek to investigate the hallmarks of classical Greece and Rome, and to understand the role of these ancient cultures in forming the modern West. We offer three areas of study: Classical Civilization, Latin Language and Literature, and Greek Language and Literature.

Program Director

Andrew (Drew) Wilburn

Associate Professor of Classics
Department Affiliation

Linda Pardee

Administrative Assistant 440-775-8390

Sample Courses

  • CLAS 102 - The Odyssey and the Myths of Comedy 3 credits
  • CLAS 203 - The City in Antiquity 4 credits
  • CLAS 222 - Ovid and the Middle Ages 4 credits
  • CLAS 306 - Egypt after the Pharaohs 4 credits

Classical Civilization News

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Q&A with “What is Sanctuary?” Panelists

February 8, 2018
The concept of sanctuary is often part of today’s discussions about immigration, but the idea of providing sanctuary has ancient roots. Learn about the different meanings and practices during “What is Sanctuary?” on Tuesday, February 13.

Writing with Purpose

August 20, 2015
Nicholas Olson ’15 is spending his summer working for POZ magazine before beginning a master’s program in public policy at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.