male professor discussing a course with two of his students.
Professor of Classics Drew Wilburn and students discuss concepts in the Magic and Mystery Ancient World course. Photo credit: Matthew Lester
Program Overview

Classical Civilization

Program Type: Major
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Department: Classics

Through a variety of courses, we help classics majors investigate the hallmarks of classical Greece and Rome, and to understand the role of these ancient cultures in forming the modern West. We offer three areas of study: Classical Civilization, Latin Language and Literature, and Greek Language and Literature.

Sample Courses

  • CLAS 103 - History of Greece 4 credits
  • CLAS 104 - History of Rome 4 credits
  • CLAS 222 - Ovid and the Middle Ages 4 credits
  • CLAS 351 - Pompeii: Life and Afterlife 4 credits

Classical Civilization Faculty

Classics faculty are scholars and researchers, who publish widely, translate texts, and guest lecture at conferences and other educational institutions. They work closely with students to develop their scholarship, critical thinking skills and capacity to understand how ancient cultures and civilizations influence contemporary society.

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Classical Civilization News

A an stands in front of a movie screen with the words of the screen on his face and body.

This Week in Photos: January 22

January 22, 2020
In this photo series, we explore the art of cinema storytelling; go to an entrepreneurial boot camp; get intense with strings and Greek; go back to high school in Berkeley; stop by the freezer section in Kim’s Grocery & Carryout; get involved with dark matter; learn R for SPSS; join a dance class; design an archeological exhibit; get cozy with a wild beast; and much more.
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Q&A with “What is Sanctuary?” Panelists

February 8, 2018
The concept of sanctuary is often part of today’s discussions about immigration, but the idea of providing sanctuary has ancient roots. Learn about the different meanings and practices during “What is Sanctuary?” on Tuesday, February 13.