groups of students at a blackboard while teacher looks on
Students met twice a day, five days a week, for three weeks during this intensive language class held during winter term. The course prepared students to take a Latin language course in the spring. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko
Program Overview

Greek Language and Literature

Program Type: Major, Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Department: Classics

Through a variety of courses, we seek to investigate the hallmarks of classical Greece and Rome, and to understand the role of these ancient cultures in forming the modern West. We offer three areas of study for the major: Classical Civilization, Latin Language and Literature, and Greek Language and Literature.

Sample Courses

  • GREK 201 - Intermediate Greek I: Homer 4 credits
  • GREK 220 - Courtroom Drama in Athens! I 4 credits
  • GREK 304 - Greek Lyric Poetry 4 credits
  • GREK 311 - Euripides 4 credits

Greek Language and Literature Faculty

Our faculty are scholars and researchers, who publish widely, translate texts, and guest lecture at conferences and other educational institutions. They work closely with students to develop their scholarship, critical thinking skills and capacity to understand how ancient cultures and civilizations influence contemporary society.

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Greek Language and Literature News

Comics panel showing Spiderman jumping into the bad guys' lair where Lenin and other revolutionaries are making plans.. Title: Winter Term Russian, January 2016 in Oberlin.

Rapidfire Language Learning

February 19, 2016
Students who choose an intensive language course over winter term learn an entire semester’s material in one month.