Center for Student Success

Peer Mentors

The adjustment to college can be challenging and confusing for first-year students - especially if you're F1RST Generation. To help with the transition, the Peer Mentor program at Oberlin College and Conservatory offers peer-to-peer support, guidance, and mentorship for new Obies.

A Peer Mentor is a student staff member who provides leadership through the Center for Student Success. They address the needs of F1RST Generation and Pell-grant eligible (FLI) students. Each Mentor serves as a role model to about 10 students, and will help new students navigate collegiate life, get connected with resources, identify and solve problems, and ultimately assist in making their transition to college as smooth as possible.

CSS Peer Mentors go through a rigorous application and training process. Often involved in many other activities on campus, they have inside knowledge of life at Oberlin. To help ensure that F1RST Generation and high financial need students are connected and supported, Peer Mentors touch base with their student mentees at least once a month to answer questions, offer guidance, and share resources. They also hold events twice a month to help aid new students in building community and belonging. Students can choose a Peer Mentor they feel best represents their values or experience, but eventually will meet them all! 

Peer Mentors

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