Center for Student Success

Peer Mentors

The adjustment to Oberlin can be challenging, or at least, confusing for first-year students. To help with the transition to college and academia, Center for Student Success offers a Peer Mentors program.

A peer mentor is a student staff member who provides leadership through the Center for Student Success. They address the needs of first-generation and Pell-grant eligible (FLI) students. Each mentor serves as a role model to about 10 students, and will help new students navigate the college process, get connected with resources, identify and solve problems, and ultimately assist in making their transition to college life as smooth as possible.

CSS peer mentors are specifically hired because of their interpersonal skills and inside knowledge of campus life at Oberlin. They are in contact with their students prior to the beginning of the semester.

Peer Mentors

CSS peer mentors are expected to work, on average, 10 hours a week. One hour is spent doing clerical work in the office, and the remaining nine are spent in some form of interpersonal communication with a first-year student, who in some cases, have selected their mentor based on information that is shared with them during the summer.

We expect peer mentors to handle confidential information in a trustworthy, mature manner, and to know campus resources well enough to be able to refer students accordingly. We expect peer mentors to conduct themselves in a caring and professional manner.

Interested in becoming a peer mentor? Contact  Donna Allen for details.