Career Exploration and Development

Resources for International Students

International students have a lot to offer potential employers, including cross-cultural communication skills, resourcefulness, and adaptability in new and challenging environments. International students also face specific challenges: finding opportunities over summer and after graduation can be complicated by visa and employment status, employer misconceptions about international student hiring practices, and lack of access to local and family networks.

Career Exploration and Development (CED) is dedicated to helping international students in your job search. It is also important that you visit International Student and Scholar Services early on to make sure you understand your visa status, including employment options and requirements.

CED can help you explore and identify fields of interest, write resumes and cover letters that follow accepted U.S. standards, and prepare for interviews. In addition to CED’s online resources, the following links may be particularly helpful for international students.

US Department of Homeland Security
Provides information on F and J visas, as well as about OPT and CPT requirements and procedures.
Offers information and assistance to international students studying in the United States, including explanations of different types of student visas and resources for finding relevant fellowships, insurance, and loans.
Electronic Embassy
Provides information on each of the embassies in Washington D.C., with links to Web-based resources where available.
Going Global
Offers a wide variety of resources for students seeking employment both in the US and abroad, including a database of H1B visa applications as well as city guides and job search resources for specific cities in the US and Canada.
International Fellowship Program
Provides higher education fellowships for emerging leaders from underrepresented communities outside of the United States.
Entry-level & internships for young internationals in Europe.
The International Student City Career Center
Provides comprehensive career advice which addresses the unique concerns that international students face as they look for employment in the United States.