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Two Years in Rural China

December 22, 2008

Daniel Tam-Claiborne

It is fitting that even in my last semester here at Oberlin, I am fortunate enough to be taking advantage of one more opportunity that this school has offered--one that is wholly unique to graduates of Oberlin. For two years, I will be teaching English in the northern Chinese province of Taigu through the Oberlin Shansi two-year fellowship program.

Back at Altitude

December 21, 2008

Nicolee Kuester

The sun is out for the second day in a row, the thermometer out back says 0 degrees, and it's so dry that five miles to the west I can see the snow-frozen Rockies as clear as if they were a Bob Ross...


December 21, 2008

Will Mason

Thoughts on finals, US Senate campaigns, and intersections therein.

Admissions Finds a Way

December 19, 2008

Jesse Hernandez

Even after hours of playing music, listening to music, talking about music, sleeping, and doing everything that has nothing to do with college admissions, my work follows me home...

Finals Week

December 19, 2008

Prof. Steve Volk

Rarely are student and faculty Circadian rhythms more out of sync than at the end of a semester.

The Last Week

December 17, 2008

John West

This utter lack of warmth and sun, combined with the rampant insomnia and overwhelming amount of work, makes the campus seem less like sweet, pastoral, rural Ohio and more like a scene from Doctor Zhivago.

More Essay Writing Tips

December 16, 2008

Elizabeth Houston

Because there's no better way to procrastinate writing your college application essays than reading tips about writing your college application essays.

Flavor Trippin'

December 14, 2008

Ma'ayan Plaut

It looked delicious... but we were told we couldn't eat yet. It is an extremely sadistic thing to show us food and tell us we can't partake. I was ready to dive in. But there was a reason.

Study 2.0

December 12, 2008

Chris Gollmar

Today was my final exam for History of Argentine Music. This is how my studying unfolded on Twitter.

College Essay Advice

December 12, 2008

Will Mason

Unqualified and unsolicited advice on the college essay from someone who went about it the wrong way.


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