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December 4, 2010
My first time in snow EVER! I think I'm entitled to be obnoxiously excited.
November 2, 2010
Have I ever mentioned that I have a love/hate relationship with introductions? Now you know. I'm going for an introduction that scratches beneath the surface of that protective layer of identification and gives you more of a sense of what makes me tick... without risking identity theft, hopefully.
October 26, 2010
Right now, I'm sitting on a couch in my friend Chloe's apartment in midtown Manhattan, in an area ostensibly called 'Turtle Bay.' I think the name is really cute, so I hope it's real, but she hadn't...
October 25, 2010
Thanks to a rather complex sequence of events, I'm spending Fall Break in New York City, which means this blog is basically one long gush about how awesome my life is right now. Also, THE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT is finally made.
September 26, 2010
As an upperclassman, I seem to be endowed with magical powers and abilities.
September 20, 2010
As Robert Frost said, "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." My road has led me to Abu Dhabi. I hope that wherever yours takes you - Oberlin or elsewhere - it will make all the difference in your story.