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Paris Achenbach ’13

Hi everyone! My name is Paris Lorraine Achenbach and no, I am not from France, and yes, my parents accidentally gave me the most European-sounding name in existence. I’m actually from Washington, DC, which I will forever argue is the best city in the world (watch out, New Yorkers -- my pride will rival yours!), and where I went to an always-exciting DCPS school known as Wilson High. Now I’m a senior here at Oberlin College, studying geology and, less extensively, environmental studies, politics, English, and piano. "Why are you studying rocks?" you are probably wondering; to which I respond, Hey dude, geology is not the study of rocks, it’s the study of the Earth! That includes things like volcanoes, fossils, the evolution of life, coral reefs, and environmental issues surrounding resources and fracking and the mining industry. Basically, if you’re interested in everything from physics to biology to human’s impact on the Earth, such as I, and you love being outdoors, such as I, then geology is your jam!

I do more than just geek out over rocks and cool fossils, though. I’m a compulsive documenter of things, and carry around notebooks and cameras everywhere. It’s kind of a disease; I can’t stop myself from writing every day, for either my blog, my journal, or just for my tiny notebook that holds to-do lists, book ideas and quotes. My parents are definitely the ones to blame for my documenting obsessions — they’re both writers, having met in Miami as young journalists (back when newspapers were making money… but don’t get me started on the demise of print media!). Growing up, my dad would always instruct me to “put my hands on the keyboard” and write every day. Our conversations would go something like this:

Dad: "I think you should write about your life. "(or something to that extent)

Me: "Why??! Who would I be writing for, Dad? Who cares about what I have to say?" etc.

Dad: "Paris, you write for the ages, for the Gods, for literature, and don’t worry about market or audience. Just write. Hands on keyboard. Go."

And so forth. Apparently, somewhere deep down I actually did listen to my parents’ advice, because here I am, writing for you people on an Oberlin blog. You can be my Gods, if you will. I will present to you stories, photos, theories, and much blabber on the way I view things. Welcome to my world.

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