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Helena Thompson ’11

Hey, y'all! My name is Helena Thompson, and I'm a fifth-year here from the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas majoring in religion and ethnomusicology. When I don't have my head buried in books about Jewish feminism, queer theory, experimental musical composition techniques, or American pop culture, you can probably find me stuffing my face with food of some sort, cooking food for other people to stuff their faces with, playing music on my porch, geeking out about musical theater, or caffeinating myself. The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) has been a huge part of my time at Oberlin; most of my greatest memories have been made either in an OSCA kitchen or on a co-op porch. I'm also involved with the Oberlin Musical Theater Association and improv comedy (holla to the Semi-Automatic Players!). I currently work in the Office of Admissions as a Senior Intern, at the Slow Train Cafe as a barista, and I'm having a blast as Fearless and Loathing's Editor-in-Chief.

Smiles and hugs are great, along with dancing, impromptu jam sessions, tiramisu, anything with butter, pretentious music criticism, photography, snowball fights, and trying my hardest to take advantage of everything that this amazing place has to offer. I'd love to answer any questions you may have — talk to me!

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The Beginning of the End

February 13, 2011

I am still here. Though I entered Oberlin with an expected graduation date of May 2016, my taking a semester off has delayed that until this upcoming semester. This reality took me a long time to accept and I have a lot of feelings about what "not graduating on time" means for me.


Ad astra

October 28, 2009

We spent the next couple hours of the evening lying in the street, silently taking in this new gift - one blink at a time.