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Helena in some bullet points?

October 16, 2009

Helena Thompson ’11

I like to think of myself as a person who can't be easily categorized or classified by simple things such as words, and I'm sure that if I tried to write this in narrative form, you'd be reading for hours...so I'm going to give you a nifty set of bullet points covering some random facts and hope that you come out of this experience knowing a little bit more about me than I could explain in my bio. Have fun!

•I was born and raised in the beautifully sunshiny city of Dallas, Texas. People who know me are well aware of the abundance of Texas pride that I exude on a daily basis (I have a four foot by six foot Texas flag hanging on my wall and a topographical Texas map hanging on the door to my room GAH I LOVE THAT PLACE) and are not afraid to tease me incessantly about it.

•The color orange looks TERRIBLE on me. This is sad, because I think it's one of the happiest colors that exist in this world and I wish very much that I were able to buy a pair of bright orange rain boots. Maybe in another life.

•If I could eat 24/7, I probably would. Do you need a favor? Offer me tiramisu, and I'll probably oblige. Ooh, or roasted Brussels sprouts. Or Szechwan Green Beans from the Mandarin. Om nom nom.

•My iTunes library occupies most of my hard drive. This can sometimes be a problem, but I think that I can deal with a slow-running laptop as long as Gillian Welch, Mahler, Bill Evans, and the Modern Lovers are always a click away.

Currently, I am full of apple cider, stir fry, and anxious anticipation for the year that lies ahead of me. I'll be sharing the best of what I discover in this here blog. Happy reading!

(feel free to stalk me on Facebook; I love new friends and good conversation!)

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