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Chinwe Okona ’13

Hello, hello. My name is Chinwe Okona and I'm a senior neuroscience major and Comparative American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies minor. Although I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in a little town called Flower Mound, Texas, I now call Coral Springs, Florida, a suburb of Miami, home.

For a while, I was more than sure I wanted to work in a lab and do research for a living or go to medical school. However, recently I've come to love the fields of public health and global health. After graduating from Oberlin, I hope to obtain my Master's in Public Health and hopefully do some type of work pertaining to minorities and LGBTQ-identified persons--really though, I have no idea what I'm going to be doing post-Oberlin.

When I'm not being all nerdy and scientific, I like to be active. At home, I go to the beach regularly to play volleyball and enjoy the sun, and I longboard everywhere. Although there's an absence of coastal water here at Oberlin, I pass the time as a member of the varsity volleyball team.

More than anything else, I enjoy good books, good music, and good conversation. So if you possess any of the above, humor me and I'll be more than happy to indulge.

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Agonizing over organizing

May 7, 2012

This is actually about my end-of-year schedule. However, I did have a friend who thought 'organizing' and 'antagonizing' were interchangeable when she was six: "Mommmmm, Michelle is organizing meeeeee."



March 26, 2012

A description of my Toni Morrison moment at Oberlin.