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January 12, 2011

Chinwe Okona ’13

Although we're well on our way into 2011, I leave you with a playlist of songs from the most memorable moments of my fall semester:

1. Misery - Maroon 5
When this song comes on, I remember sitting on the bus on the way to a volleyball game with my team and just getting so pumped to play. These girls are such a big part of my life and this is just one of many fond memories I have of them. Plus this song has such a groovy bass line, you absolutely have to move when it comes on.

2. River Lullaby - B. steady
YouTube this song or buy it on iTunes, it's truly the best. The masterpiece of an Oberlin alum/great person, this song is a great sample of the raw talent that Oberlin sends into the world. You'll be hooked and have it on repeat, just like me.

3. Feel It In My Bones - Tiesto ft. Tegan and Sara
I don't know if my Tegan and Sara kick came from watching so much Grey's Anatomy, but I'm hooked. So catchy, so good. I can't even tell you how many times I played this song in route to different places on campus. Haha, it reminds me of everywhere in Oberlin.

4. No Hands - Waka Flocka Flame ft. Roscoe Dash and Wale
No, Oberlin is not a large, public, partying state school. (Yes, I just made a lot of biased testimonies.) Yes, we have fun on the weekends, as well as occasionally (OCCASIONALLY) during the week. Yes, yes, yes!

5. Normal - Ximena Sarinana
I heard this song one day, driving with a friend. She couldn't remember the artist, but after putting my Spanish language skills (courtesy of the Hispanic Studies department!) to some use, I was able to look up the lyrics. One week later, I was downtown at the public library and they just happened to have this artist's album. Such a good music collection. Oberlin students who haven't already, make use of the public library.

6. Like a G6 - Far East Movement
This song makes me laugh because as popular as it's been on the radio, I had NO idea what it was until my friend caught me up with the times. Even though WOBC is the only radio station I listen to on a regular basis in Oberlin, I suppose I'm thankful for my friends keeping me up to speed with the rest of the world.

7. A Dios Le Pido - Juanes
Oldie, but goodie. One day in my Spanish conversation class, we had to scribe the lyrics to this song. Let me tell you how good I was at scribing songs (or really anything) in Spanish: I was AWFUL. But it was okay to be awful. As much as my TA cracked on me, he never made me feel like I should just give up. I guess this song reminds me of how I spent more time laughing than conversing. Excellent memories.

8. I Got It - Gorilla Zoe
I think I was able to attend three football games this semester, and this song was on their warm-up mix. As much as people (including myself) live for Division I football, it's nice to be able to roll out of bed, not have to fight the masses and always have a guaranteed seat at a home game without a ticket. I hope that more Obies begin to take advantage of that, and show up to support football, as well as all sports teams.

9. Love Will Come Through - Travis
Like I mentioned eariler, this semester was the semester in which I fell in love with Grey's Anatomy (The best show, ever.). Grey's serves as so many things for me: First, as my motivation to be diligent about my studying, so I can be such a phenomenal surgeon that I'm able to talk about my personal life while in the operating room. Second, as my weekly break on Thursday night, to remind me that there's only one more day left in the week and I will make it. So many good songs, but especially this one was on repeat.

10. Ex-Factor - Lauryn Hill
If you didn't get a chance to see 'The Word and The Beat' this past semester, you missed out big time. One of my nearest/dearest/oldest Obie friends performed this bombtastic poem about Lauryn Hill and how much the world misses her talent and grace. At the end of her poem, this song came on and I think I had a very enlightened moment. If you're a current student and you haven't seen a show at Oberlin yet, fix this. If you're a planning on coming to Oberlin, do this. See as many shows as possible people.

11. Germany to Germany - Ratatat
And finally here's some Ratatat, an artist I discovered after coming to Oberlin. I think Ratatat is perfect because it's totally groove-able and upbeat, so you won't fall asleep while studying. At the same time, there are no words so there's nothing to distract you. I heard this song for the first time while at The Slow Train Cafe, writing a blog entry! Slow Train is a must. I love it, because being from a city, sometimes I get frustrated with the quaintness of Oberlin. I like to think of the cafe as a little slice of urban heaven. And it's owned by the men's soccer coach, who happens to be rather good looking, so it's a treat if you catch him there.

I could go on and on with music, but I'll just leave you with this little sample. Listen to these songs! And send me titles of a few of your own, I'm always in search of good music.

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