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Charlize Villasenor ’23

Hello! My name’s Charlize and I’m from El Paso, Texas. (Shout out to all my fellow Obies from the desert!) I went from being a short drive to the US-Mexico border to being a short drive to the US-Canada border.

I’m an Economics major hoping to go to law school after I graduate. I am also the HIV Peer Testing coordinator, a facilitator for Barefoot Dialogues, and currently participate in La Alianza Latinx.

Outside of the classroom, I like drinking chai tea lattes at Azzy’s, seeing new things, and hanging out with friends. I’m a strong believer in the power of words so hopefully you can find something interesting or useful in my blogs!

Thank you for reading my blogs, and if you see me around, say hi!

Entries from this blogger

A Letter to Pre-Oberlin Me

January 13, 2023

There will be countless days and nights that you’ll hold in your heart, maybe too many to fully remember, but I promise you’ll love the experience and you’ll grow exactly into who you need to be.


First Spring

March 13, 2022

I think controlled chaos is the only way I can truly describe how this semester has gone so far.


Growing Up

November 13, 2021

Being in my slump (and ultimately getting out of it) helped me find my way back to my core beliefs.


Fall Break Thoughts

November 4, 2019

It was a bit of a weird feeling at first, to feel split between two places over 1,400 miles apart, but I’m grateful to have a community in both El Paso and Oberlin.