Bonner Center

Grant Application

Interested in pursuing funding for your community service project? Follow the guidelines as outlined below to ensure your application receives consideration.

Project Requirements

  • Each project or event must have a community service component, that is, it must provide a service to individuals or communities to meet social, educational, or environmental needs. This service may be provided directly or indirectly through an individual student-initiated project or a group project.
  • All projects must work in some capacity with a nonprofit organization or community-based organization. Priority will be given to collaborative projects that are ongoing or events with local and or regional nonprofit organizations.
  • Projects must take place during the academic year.
  • To publicize the accomplishments of the completed project, grantees are required to enter their project into Collaboratory, an online database of community engagement activities across Oberlin. Grant recipients may be invited to present at the Bonner Center's annual Community Engagement Recognition Luncheon.

The Bonner Center Will Not Fund:

  1. Projects that relate solely to classroom work and or departments.
  2. Projects that involve work with an organization that restricts its services to people of a particular faith or background.
  3. Projects that involve religious proselytizing.
  4. Projects that only contribute to program operating budgets.

Submission Requirements

  • The total amount that can be requested is $200 per project limited to one project per semester.
  • All student organizations, groups, or individuals requesting funds must complete an application. Only one grant will be awarded per project.
  • You must submit applications electronically.
  • You must submit applications at least two weeks in advance of the date the money is needed.
  • Grantees must turn in a slide for their poster presentation by the agreed upon date.
  • Bonner Center staff will review applications on a rolling basis during staff meetings.

For more expensive projects, we encourage applicants to seek additional funding from other sources and external funding agencies.


  • Complete the Bonner Center grant application online . Be sure you have reviewed the project and submission requirements before completing the application.
  • The application requires that you list the name, address, e-mail, and telephone number of a faculty or staff member who is familiar with you and or your organization’s work. Contact the faculty or staff member in advance if you plan on listing that person as your reference.