Weekly Coronavirus Test Results
Oberlin College and Conservatory

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ObieSafe Statistics

Cumulative Totals

Tests Processed as of 9/14
Tests Administered 3,815
Positive Tests 9
% Positive 0.24%

The test results reported above include students, faculty, staff, and vendors on campus. Testing began on August 5. Weekly and cumulative results are updated every Tuesday.

Oberlin’s Approach

As one component of Oberlin’s layered health care strategy, we are committed to testing the entire campus community, about 3,500 people every month. This testing will be ongoing throughout the academic year so that we can monitor and respond to COVID-19. 

Key Facts
Test type: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
Administered by: Mercy Health – Allen Hospital (Oberlin) and Harness Health Partners (Cincinnati)
Laboratory analysis: Tempus (Chicago)
Frequency: All students, faculty, and staff will be tested before the start of classes. After that, we will test 25 % of the entire campus population each week. This means that each person will be tested once a month.
Testing location: Williams Field House
Notification of results: Tempus will report results to Mercy Health – Allen Hospital, which will use email to notify individuals and the student health center of the test results.

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