ObieSafe: Campus Testing Statistics

Weekly Coronavirus Test Results
Oberlin College and Conservatory
Fall 2021 Semester

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ObieSafe Statistics

Note: the first bar represents the period from August 9 through September 20. The remaining bars each represent a single week.

Cumulative Total

Fall 2021 Tests Processed through 9/20
Tests Administered 84
Positive Tests 1
% Positive 1.19%

Note: A previous version of this page incorrectly included a handful of rapid tests. It has been updated to reflect only PCR tests.

About the Data

The data reported above are derived from Oberlin’s COVID-19 testing program covering unvaccinated students, faculty, staff; people preparing for Oberlin-related travel; or someone who develops symptoms at Oberlin and is tested on campus. Testing for the fall semester began on August 9, 2021. Weekly and cumulative results are updated every Tuesday starting September 21. Data reflects PCR test administration.

Oberlin’s Approach to Testing

Before vaccinations were available, the fundamental goal of the ObieSafe protocols was to keep Oberlin’s campus safe by slowing the spread of a virus for which there was little defense.

This year, the fundamental goal is to protect the most vulnerable among us – those who are unvaccinated or who have someone at home who is vulnerable. The ObieSafe data below now reflects cumulative results from testing of unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff, people preparing for Oberlin-related travel, or someone who develops symptoms at Oberlin and is tested on campus.

The relatively low numbers of tests administered this year will not provide the snapshot that the data last year provided. We anticipate that there will be COVID infections on campus but that the risk of serious illness will remain low. If the number of cases increase, Oberlin will work with the Lorain County Public Health Department to determine if additional measures are needed.

The last week of data reporting for fall 2021 will be 11/16/21, concurrent with Thanksgiving break.

Testing outside of Oberlin

These results are self-reported and are not verified by the College. This data is monitored and analyzed for patterns but is not included in this data.