Student Health Services

Health Insurance and Fees

All full-time students enrolled at Oberlin College are automatically enrolled and billed for the Student Insurance Program that Academic Health Plans (AHP), Inc offers. The new insurance carrier is Anthem Student Advantage.

Academic Health Plans (AHP) at (855) 844-3014 

Anthem Customer Service (844)412-0752


The premium cost of $3,140  is included on the 2023 fall term bill. It can be refunded if the policy is waived by the July 31, 2023, waiver deadline. No adjustments can be made to the student's account after that date. Students who initially return to campus in the spring semester have a waiver deadline of December 31, 2023, and a reduced bill of  $1828 for the January 1 to July 31, 2024 coverage period.

To waive the Student Health Insurance Program offered by Academic Health Plans, the student must have comparable policy coverage that benefits providers in Oberlin, Ohio. You will need to consult your private insurance company for these details.

The Academic Health Plans website has the waiver form available online at Sending health forms to Student Health means you still need to waive the insurance. You must complete the waiver form each year.

You will submit your private health insurance information when you waive it. This information is kept on a secure server. The AHP website will go live on June 30, 2023.

We require all international students to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan. In addition to contacting Academic Health Plans via its website, call Oberlin’s AHP contact number at 1-855-844-3014 for coverage questions.

Regardless of insurance coverage, all full-time students enrolled at Oberlin College can receive medical care at Student Health.

AHP is the primary insurance for coverage and when coordinating benefits. The Preferred Provider is Anthem Student Advantage. Student Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services are free for all students, regardless of whether they purchase the AHP plan.



Go to :

  • Click on Anthem Mobile App/Access ID Card
  • Review PDF information
  • Download the Sydney Mobile App or log in and register at
  • Any questions? Call Anthem Customer Service at (844)412-0752

Oberlin College Student Health Services providers want your medical care and treatment to be appropriate and efficient. No copays are collected. Bring your Oberlin College Student Photo ID to each visit. However, there are times when further diagnostic testing or treatment may be recommended. Payment for services provided elsewhere is to be handled by your insurance company.

Insurance companies don’t often pay 100 percent of a bill. You may be required to reach a deductible (a specific dollar amount paid out of pocket) before your insurance company will pay. The AHP deductible is $500 In-Network and $1000 Out-of-network. You may also have a copay, which is a set amount you pay out of pocket per visit. You will not be charged a copay for visiting Student Health or Counseling and Psychological Services, but you will be expected to pay a copay at a private physician’s office, walk-in clinic, urgent care, or the emergency department.

If the provider (doctor’s office or hospital) is not a “preferred provider” on your plan, you may be billed for the difference between the amount billed and your insurance company's pay. If you ensure that the provider is a “preferred provider” or “on your plan,” then you should not be billed for this difference unless you reach the insurance plans' limits in policy for services rendered. The benefit maximum for Academic Health Plans is unlimited.

Refer to the AHP website for complete plan details