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Students walk through a gallery with dinosaur skeletons on exhibit.

This Week in Photos: February 5

February 5, 2020
Yvonne Gay
In this photo series, we walk with the dinosaurs in Cleveland and visit a congressional intern in Washington, D.C., before coming back home to Oberlin to watch the Wild Beast of the Bungalow take over the stage in Warner Concert Hall; go snowboarding in Hales Gym; and sit in on a gallery talk, book art class, choir practice, an academic retreat, and a dance performance.
A huge concrete wall is covered in graffiti and topped with barbed wire.

Winter term in the Middle East

February 6, 2017
Communications Staff
This graffiti-marked wall was just one of the places Naomi Fireman visited during her winter-term project in the Middle East. “I came here to travel and listen to many different...
Students serving a meal in Harkness coop

Surviving winter term

February 2, 2017
Communications Staff
Living in Oberlin in the dead of winter isn't the easiest thing in the world. We asked a handful of students how to survive Oberlin’s winter term on campus, and one response appeared over and over. So what was the overwhelming advice?
Recipients of the Shansi In-Asia Grants

Shansi Awards In-Asia Grants

December 16, 2016
Communications Staff
This winter term and summer, nine students will explore intellectually and socially engaging projects through an Oberlin Shansi In-Asia Grant.

The Journey of My Happy Feet

February 25, 2016
Communications Staff
“From Guinea to Brooklyn: The Journey of my Happy Feet,” a Senior Honors Show by Donnay Edmund, will be performed at 8 p.m. on March 4 and 5 in Warner Main Space.

From Yarn to Garment

February 17, 2016
Communications Staff
Chloe Deshusses threads needles on a weaving loom in preparation for making a custom sleeveless dress in the winter-term project From Yarn to Garment. Directed and sponsored by Betsy Bruce,...


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