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Surviving winter term

February 2, 2017
Communications Staff
Students serving a meal in Harkness coop
Photo credit: Marissa Fisco

Living in Oberlin in the dead of winter, with half the student body gone, isn't the easiest thing in the world. It can be cold, lonely, and The Local closes early. But each year, many students return to campus in January to pursue projects of all kinds.

We asked a handful of students how to survive Oberlin’s winter term on campus, and one response appeared over and over. So what was the overwhelming advice? The resounding reply was: “Join a co-op!”


Students preparing a meal in Harkness Coop
Image by Marissa Fisco
Students making dough for "tasty treats" in Harkness kitchen.


“Join a co-op! Guaranteed food and friends twice a day.”

-Katie Fittinghoff ’19 | winter term project: AMAM's Practicum in Museum Education

“Join a winter term co-op! You're guaranteed to see a solid group of people twice a day. You can see what being in a co-op is like without committing for an entire semester. And the meals end up being less than $3 per meal!”

-Charlie T. ’19 | winter term project: Intensive Greek and OSCA winter term membership secretary

“Find people you love and invest in them. Suggest hangouts, join a co-op. Tell people they matter to you. Say yes as often a possible but also be sure to dive deep into your project so you get something valuable from your time here.”

-Ketzel ’18 | winter term project: GIS

So what’s your advice for surviving winter term on Oberlin’s campus? What didn’t make the list that should have?

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