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Oberlin in Photos: Day Tripping

May 7, 2020

Yvonne Gay

Students look at a astrological symbols in an astronomy class.
This trip to the galaxies is made possible by an Astronomy class taught by Dave Lengyel.
Photo credit: Matthew Lester, 2019


Although current conditions have fraught travel plans for many, this week’s photo series gives viewers a free pass to take a much-needed vacation. If you ever wanted to stand behind home plate, take a stroll through the Cleveland Museum of Art, or get the best seat in the house at Carnegie Hall, then this day trip is for you.

A student looks at a painting in a museum while sitting on a bench.
Share this bench with an Oberlin Connect Cleveland student and immerse yourself in all that the Cleveland Museum of Art has to offer. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay, 2018
A pitcher throws a baseball toward the camera.
Catch, sports fans! This pitch by an Oberlin baseball player is for you. Photo credit: Peter Morgan, 2015
A person sitting on a large rock looks out at Lake Erie.
Daytripping is endless here. Sit on this rock, look out onto Lake Erie, and imagine you are almost anywhere. Photo credit: Michael Hartman, 2019
Students sit on pews inside a large church.
If you sit quietly behind these Oberlin students at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta during Winter Term, you just might hear some inspiring words by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Photo credit: Michael Hartman, 2020
A girl stands under ornate arches.
This visit to the Qutb Shahi Tombs is made possible by Rachel H. Sanders’ Winter Term project in Hyderabad, India. Photo credit: Courtesy of Rachel H. Sanders ’20, 2019
The Oberlin Orchestra takes a bow on stage at Carnegie Hall.
Find your seat. You are just in time for the second half of Oberlin Orchestra’s performance conducted by Raphael Jiménez at Carnegie Hall. The program focused on the orchestral repertoire of Debussy's La Mer and the 2017 work All These Lighted Things, written by Assistant Professor of Composition  Elizabeth Ogonek. Photo credit: Fadi Kheir
A girl paddles a canoe through a narrow lake.
Climb aboard and meander down the Huron River in Michigan with the Oberlin Kayak and Canoeing Club. Photo credit: Sarah Goodstein ’21, 2018


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