Faculty and Staff Notes

Donica Varner Contributes Chapter to New Book: Reframing Campus Conflict

October 13, 2020

Donica Thomas Varner co-authored with Simone Himbeault Taylor a chapter in Reframing Campus Conflict (2 ed.) published by Stylus Publishing, LLC.  The chapter titled Reconciling Legal Obligations with Education Goals: Revisiting Foundations of Student Conflict Work is described by co-editor Jennifer Schrage as providing a "compass for all IHE leadership teams navigating the current educational landscape!"


Marc Blecher Coauthors Book

October 5, 2020

James Monroe Professor of Politics and Professor of East Asian Studies Marc Blecher’s new book Politics as a Science: A Prolegomenon, coauthored with European University Institute Emeritus Professor Philippe Schmitter, was recently published by Routledge. It provides an overview of the core, eternal, universal issues of political science—or, as we argue it should be known, “politology.” It argues that politics is the most fundamental social activity because it involves the peaceful resolution of conflict without which all others would be impossible. The book includes chapters on politics’ (and politology’s) subject matter, foundations (concepts, agents, cleavages, motives, processes, mechanisms, temporalities, units and régimes), consequences (order, production and distribution, recognition and respect, externalities, and legitimacy), the discipline, research design, and its purpose and promise. It is available Open Access to make it affordable for students, scholars and citizens/subjects the world over. Portuguese and Spanish translations are in process, with more foreign language editions intended.

Professor of Hispanic Studies Sebastiaan Faber interviewed about Spain's newly proposed memory law.

October 4, 2020

Professor of Hispanic Studies Sebastiaan Faber was interviewed by Jacobin Magazine about Spain's newly proposed memory law, a topic about which he published an op-ed last week in the Spanish magazine Contexto. This past month, the same magazine has run Q&As by Faber with journalist Tim Weiner (on Russian meddling in the 2016 elections), photography curator Cynthia Young (on Robert Capa), and author Benjamin Moser (on his Susan Sontag biography), all in Spanish.


Annemarie Sammartino interviewed

October 2, 2020

Professor and Chair of History Annemarie Sammartino was interviewed as part of the documentary “Beethoven's Scowl” on the CBC's Ideas program, which investigated the way that Beethoven has functioned as a symbol over the past two centuries. 

Jim Walsh publishes

October 2, 2020

Professor of Mathematics Jim Walsh published an article, “A window into the world of KAM theory,” that  was the cover article of the October issue of Mathematics Magazine. In this paper, a simple model is used to elucidate the theory that played a key and historic role in mathematical investigations into the stability of the solar system.

Nancy Darling launches 1step2life app

October 2, 2020

Professor and Chair of Psychology Nancy Darling developed and launched the 1step2life app to support people living with severe persistent pain. Based in cutting-edge developmental and rehabilitation science, the app helps people living with pain focus on their progress and functioning rather than their pain. Starting where they are now, it allows them to set goals, log emotions and daily activities, and visualize their progress. It has modes for both patients and caregivers, supporting effective coaching as well as rehabilitation. The app was funded by the college's LaunchU Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition. Darling worked with a team of psychology students on the research and development of the app. Now available on both the App Store and Google Play. 

Sergio Gutierrez Negron publishes articles

October 2, 2020

Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón, assistant professor of Hispanic studies, published two scholarly articles. The first, SATIRE AND THE LIE OF POLITICS: EL MONO (MEXICO, 1833), studies the use of satire in 19th century Mexican conservative journalism. The second, LIBERTAD PARA LOS FEOS: LUCES ARTIFICIALES (2002) DE DANIEL SADA, theorizes the relationship between freedom, ugliness and embodiment through an engagement with a novel by Mexican writer, Daniel Sada (1953-2011).