Clayton R. Koppes Presents Paper, Gives Presentation

July 24, 2019

Clayton R. Koppes, professor of history, and David L. Kelly, independent scholar, presented a paper, "On Cats' Paws: America Awakens to AIDS," at the Australia/New Zealand American Studies Association meeting in Auckland on July 15. The paper is part of their ongoing work on the history of HIV/AIDS in the United States. Koppes also gave a presentation in a plenary panel on "populism in America."

Zeb Page Publishes Paper

July 21, 2019

Associate Professor of Geology Zeb Page published a paper "Extreme oxygen isotope zoning in garnet and zircon from a metachert block in mélange reveals metasomatism at the peak of subduction metamorphism" in Geology with coauthors Emilia Cameron '15 and Clara Margaret Flood '18.

Jan Miyake Presents at International Research Workshop

July 8, 2019

Associate Professor of Music Theory Jan Miyake presented a talk "Syntax and Form in Haydn’s Symphonic Last Movements" at the international research workshop Corpus Research as a Means of Unlocking Musical Grammar.