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Minerva Macarrulla ’23

Hi everyone! I go by Maca or Minerva, and I’m a second-year environmental studies and comparative American studies double major with an intended minor in dance. Pre-pandemic, I was a part of Fairkid (a dining co-op) and Movimiento (a Latin dance group). I also ran my own little massage business. If these mean anything to you: I'm an INFJ, my primary love language is physical touch, my ascendant is in Pisces, and I have synesthesia.

Right now, I’m on the board of Obies for Undocumented Inclusion (OUI), a student organization that advocates for the emotional and financial wellbeing of undocumented students at Oberlin and hosts events to educate allies/accomplices on undocumented issues. On campus, I live in Latinx Heritage House and spend a lot of time walking in the Arb (forest-y place), journaling, exchanging funny stories in my lounge, doing schoolwork in the beautiful environmental studies building, and dancing my heart out in my room. I’m excited to bring you my perspective as an Oberlin student and I hope you enjoy my blog!

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