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Minerva Macarrulla ’23

Hi all! I'm Minerva, and I’m a fourth-year environmental studies and comparative American studies double major. I'm not a dance major or minor, but everyone thinks I am because I never like to go too long without dancing. I've lived in Latinx Heritage House since it became a house in the fall of 2020, and before that I lived in what was Latinx Hall. This year I'm eating in Keep co-op, so I work shifts cooking and cleaning in exchange for two homecooked meals a day and a solid supply of the greatest granola I've ever had. I can often be found doing schoolwork in the beautiful environmental studies building.

I’m on the board of Obies for Undocumented Inclusion (OUI), a student organization that advocates for the wellbeing of undocumented students at Oberlin, puts on events to educate allies/accomplices on undocumented issues, hosts safe space for students of all immigration statuses, and honestly writes a lot of emails. I also run an independent massage business. Last year, I taught an ExCo (class) on massage, and this year I'm teaching one on herbalism.

If these mean anything to you: my love languages are physical touch/quality time/words of affirmation, I have synesthesia, I'm an INFJ, and sidereally I'm a Taurus sun/moon conjunction and Aquarius rising.

I don't believe that everyone should go to Oberlin, but it was definitely the right choice for me and I'm very grateful that I've gotten to be here. I hope my blog can provide some insight on what might draw you towards or away from Oberlin. Feel free to email me with any questions at mmacarru@oberlin.edu!

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