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Service and activism are common at Oberlin, as students prepare to box items for a local food bank. Photo credit: William Roane
Program Overview

Comparative American Studies

Program Type: Major, Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Department: Comparative American Studies

Comparative American studies uses interdisciplinary perspectives to guide students in their study of social, political, economic, and cultural processes within the United States as well as the role of the nation in a global context.

Why Study Comparative American Studies at Oberlin?

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Sample Courses

  • CAST 100 - Introduction to Comparative American Studies 4 credits
  • CAST 202 - Visible Bodies and the Politics of Sexuality 4 credits
  • CAST 243 - Promise and Peril: Race and Multicultural America 4 credits
  • CAST 333 - Transgender Studies 4 credits

Comparative American Studies Faculty

Faculty interests and research includes visual culture studies, comparative feminist theories and methodologies, human rights, environmental justice, green economies, and immigration.

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“As an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary program that illuminates some of the major challenges of the day—such as racism and anti-immigrant politics—so that we can better understand them and more effectively tackle them, CAS represents the exciting and urgent possibilities of a liberal arts education.”

Shelley Lee, Associate Professor of Comparative American Studies and History
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Comparative American Studies News

Business tools (briefcase, laptop, etc.) Illustration.

“From the Classroom to the Boardroom”

June 27, 2019
This episode of An Oberlin Minute features students in the Ashby Business Scholars Program during their on-campus intensive on business professionalism and networking.