Office of Residential Education

Returning Student Housing Selection

Residential Education is striving to make housing selection as stress-free as possible.

At the close of the registration process, based on semesters in residence and if an application was late, students will be assigned an appointment time to select housing.

Below are the goals that we hope to accomplish with the housing selection process.

Our Goals

  • Simplify the process to avoid complexity and confusion
  • Shorten the process to ensure students do not need to worry about housing for long periods of time
  • Reduce student commitment to the process by ensuring that the majority of students have housing at their first housing appointment
  • Increase the number of students who leave campus at the end of spring semester with a fall assignment
  • Decrease student anxiety and frustration regarding housing selection

Note: Please be sure to complete the housing and dining agreement.

What if I want to room with an incoming new or transfer student?

You should register as an individual on the housing registration form. Send an e-mail, stating you wish to room with a new or transfer student. We will send you more information about the process once we receive the notification.

How and when do I apply if I want to live in a co-op next year?

To register for OSCA, you should fill out the application for housing on the OSCA website and the housing application with ResEd. There is no guarantee that you will get housing in OSCA, seeing as it is based on a lottery.

What if I am planning to study abroad in the fall, should I go through housing selection?

Please complete the registration form, but indicate that you are planning to take a leave. If you are not sure that you will get into the program you want or that your leave might not be approved by the time of housing selection, you should go through the selection process.

How do I apply for housing, while abroad?

If you are abroad in the fall, you will receive a return from leave application from us sometime around November. On that you can indicate your housing preferences. If you have a preferred roommate, it is good to let us know at that time, and they will need to email us as well. If you can match up with a group where another person in that group is planning to study abroad in the spring, then that makes things even easier as we can swap you out with that person when they leave to study abroad.

I have applied or have been hired as an RA. Should I still complete and return the housing and dining request form?

Yes. All students must apply for housing, even returning staff.

My friend and I want to be roommates next year, but I may not be here in the fall semester. What will happen to my roommate?

Go ahead and select housing. If you decide not to come in the fall, your roommate can request another person for a roommate (before June 30) or someone else will be assigned to the space. If you wish to live together in the spring, your roommate should place your names on the waitlist in December as a requested roommate. You should enter his or her T Number on your Return From Leave Registration Form, available the middle of October. We are unable to hold spaces and we will not force a student to relocate in order to accommodate your request for a roommate.

What if I register as an individual, but do not want a single? What are my options for selecting housing?

If you are selecting housing as an individual or not selecting a space as a group, you may only select a single occupancy space (i.e., a single occupancy apartment or single residence hall room) or a double residence hall room. If you are the second individual signing into a double residence hall room, the room will follow the preferred gender designation of the person assigned to the space. If you do not identify as the same as the person assigned to the space, please make sure you have spoken to the person before assigning yourself to the space with someone who identifies differently than you. If you place yourself with someone who identifies differently than you and you have not spoken to them you will be removed from the space.

How do I apply to live in a Program House?

Program houses, co-ops, theme and special interest housing require a separate application. Even if you know you will be living in a co-op you must still complete the on-line housing registration form. Based on your semesters in residence you will be assigned a randomized appointment time to accept your program house assignment or select another housing option.

I would like to register with a group larger than 4 people. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, group size for registration is limited to four people since this is the largest multiple occupancy space.

My group wants to live in village housing, but what if nothing fits our group size at the time of our appointment? What can we do?

Your group can split up and select separate village housing units near each other if you desire or chose from the any housing open at the time for which you are eligible. Since semesters in residence are averaged if one member of the group as a result of the split has a lower number of semesters in residence they may have to be re-scheduled.

I am abroad this semester and will be registering to live with a group of students for the upcoming year. Do I need to assign a proxy?

If you are not going to be at housing registration, then you need to fill out a form to assign a proxy to select housing for you. If you are registering a group, then selecting one of your group members as your proxy is more than appropriate, seeing as they will already be at the appointment. If you are registering as a single, you can always assign ResEd as your proxy and residential staff will select housing based on your submitted preferences.

I completed a village housing orientation session last year. Do I have to complete another one this year?

Yes. The village housing orientation takes place through Blackboard and must be completed within the first 3 weeks of the start of the semester.

What if I want to live in a village house, but entered as an individual, can I select a multiple occupancy village house?

Sorry, no.  Multiple occupancy village housing is designed for students who want to live together as a group. If you want to live in a village house you may want to consider finding a group before the close of the registration process or otherwise select a single occupancy unit in village housing.

I did not select a housing assignment. What will happen?

Students who have not selected a housing assignment by the end of spring semester will have assignments made for them based on vacancies that occur during the summer. We will try to honor the preferences submitted on your registration form. Please be aware that:

  • All students are assigned housing before the opening of residence halls for the fall semester and most will receive an assignment information late July.
  • It is possible that students could be assigned as non-program residents in a program house or overflow space in lounges. These students will be expected to move to traditional housing as soon as space becomes available.