Oberlin College proudly offers Village Housing for seniors and a few juniors.

Students must have four or more semesters in residence to be eligible to live in Village housing. This popular college-owned housing option includes small, domestic-style houses, as well as several styles of apartments. This option provides the privacy and space of post-collegiate life while retaining many of the conveniences of college-maintained property.

Lead Based Paint

Many homes built before 1978 have lead-based paint. This may include some of the village houses owned by the college. Lead based paint that is in good condition is usually not a hazard. Peeling, chipping, chalking or cracking lead-based paint is a hazard and needs immediate attention. Lead dust can form when lead-based paint is dry scraped, dry sanded or heated. Dust also forms when painted surfaces bump or rub together. Lead chips and dust can get on surfaces and objects that people touch. Settled lead dust can reenter the air when people vacuum, sweep or walk through it. Lead in soil can be a hazard when children play in bare soil or when people bring soil into the house on their shoes.

If you are concerned about lead paint in one of the village homes, please contact Facilities Operations

Party Planning

If you want to have party in your village housing space, planning a party is quick and painless. Please follow the simple steps below to plan a successful party in your village house.

  1. Contact Josh Trowbridge and Kyle Perkins to schedule a 15-minute meeting with the Resident Liasion for Village Housing. This meeting must take place no later than the Wednesday before your event. If you miss this meeting, are late, and or do not bring the required documentation, you forfeit your party for that weekend.
  2. Complete the Village Party Application . This must be filled out prior to the meeting with the Resident Liasion.
  3. Print, fill out, and sign Party Agreement . All housemates must sign. Bring application to your scheduled meeting (All housemates are equally responsible for the party; for this reason, as many housemates as are available should come to this meeting).
  4. Before you leave this meeting, you will schedule a house inspection with ResEd to look at your village housing space. This inspection will make sure there are no safety issues, etc. Also, the Resident Liasion will discuss with you how to keep your belongings safe, things to watch out for, and what to do if your party gets out of hand.
  5. Have the guest list ready to give to ResEd staff on Friday's inspection. There is a max of 25 guests regardless of size of space. 
  6. Note: Facilities Operations will conduct a post-party walk-through on the Monday following your party for all unapproved parties, or parties that exceeded the 25 person limit. Judicial action and fines apply. 
Things to Keep in Mind
  • The host of the party must be a resident of the desired party location.
  • If there will be alcohol at the party, the host must be at least 21 years old.
  • If there will be alcohol at the party, the hosts must stay sober.
  • Make sure all housemates are ok with you having a party.
  • Follow all state, local and federal laws.
  • Don’t forget to read up on college policies regarding alcohol and parties.
  • Don’t let party goers into bedrooms. Keep your valuables well hidden.
  • Have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and food available at your event.
  • If extra guests show up at your party, be sure to call Safety and Security for assistance.
  • If Safety and Security stops by, be sure to follow all directions issued the officers.
  • No hard alcohol. The college only allows beer (no kegs/party bowls) and wine.

Parties are not permitted during the following:

  • Fall Break
  • Spring Break
  • The first week of the semester
  • The last two weeks of the semester

If you have questions, please speak with your Village Assistant, Area Coordinator, the Residential Liasion or stop by the office of Residential Education.

Salt Distribution

Each village house address will receive one bag of snow-melt salt. The salt provided to residents is to be used for removing ice from exterior stairs and walkways immediately adjacent to the house. The bag of salt should be kept inside the house out of the weather. If your house did not have a bag of salt when you moved in during the fall, please place a work order with facilities in the beginning of October.

In addition, if the residents have not received a bag of salt by early November, then they should contact Facilities Operations with the work order number associated with that request.  

If the first bag residents have is fully used, residents can place a work order to have a second bag delivered. If a house needs more than the two bags provided by the College, the residents will be responsible for purchasing additional bags.

Approximately 485 students live in Village Housing. Select each picture below to learn about properties available on each street or complex.