Office of Residential Education

Off-Campus Housing

A small percentage of students are allowed to be released from their residential obligations and seek housing outside of the college.

Permission to live off campus is granted by a random lottery process and is not guaranteed upon application once eligibility requirements are met. Do not sign a lease prior to being granted off-campus status.

Eligibility for Off-Campus Lottery

  • You must have six (6) or more semesters of residence projected for the fall semester you wish to live off campus or you qualify for an exemption
  • Even if you already have off-campus status this year, you must re-register for the selection process or you may lose your eligibility to be off campus
  • You can apply online for the off-campus status for 2022-23 starting November 16 through the on-campus housing selection process. 
  • Your registration must be complete by 11:59 a.m. EST (before Noon) on November 26.
  • Eligible students currently on academic leave may apply at this time.

Registering for Off-Campus Housing Lottery for 2022-23 Academic Year

  • Students who want to be considered for off-campus housing status and have 7 or more projected semesters in residence for Fall 2022 and students who have exemptions will be the first to be approved for off campus.
  • Students who have 7 or more semesters in residence or who have been approved for an off-campus exemption, are not allowed to register with a group. If ResEd finds that this has occurred, the individual will be removed from the group.
  • Students who fail to enroll or complete the spring semester may lose either their priority or eligibility for off-campus housing. An academic leave of absence counts as a semester in residence; personal and medical leaves do not.
  • Students who are projected to have 6 semesters in residence for Fall 2022 and want off-campus status, may register as a group or as an individual. Students registering as an off-campus group are required to submit the T-Numbers of their group members by the registration deadline. Please note: Only students with six (6) semesters of residence may register as a group. Any member of the group who fails to register online will not be eligible for off-campus housing consideration.
  • Individuals or groups who are not approved initially will remain on the wait-list until the ResEd Housing selection weekend. After this weekend, eligible students still wishing to be considered for off-campus status may add their names to the summer housing wait-list. This wait-list begins after general on-campus housing selection. If the college is able to extend any additional off-campus offers, then only students on the summer housing waitlist will be contacted.

Notification & Acceptance

Our office will notify students of acceptance during the week of November 29. Students will have one week to decide if they will accept for the following academic year.

Please note: Students must accept their offers for off-campus status. If a student does not actively accept their offer, Residential Education will note that they have not responded and make offers to other students. 

Off-campus status may change your financial aid package.

Important Dates: Week of November 29, 2021 - All notifications will go out; December 20, 2021 - Deadline for accepting off-campus status