Office of Residence Life

Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus status is a privilege that is granted to a small group of upper-class students who have applied, and then selected/approved via the Off-Campus Lottery process. 

Permission to live off campus is granted by a random lottery process and is not guaranteed upon application once eligibility requirements are met. Do not sign a lease prior to being granted off-campus status.

Eligibility for Off-Campus Lottery

  • You must have six (6) or more semesters projected for the fall semester you wish to live off campus, or you qualify for an exemption
  • Even if you already have off-campus status this year, you must re-register for the selection process, or you may lose your eligibility to be off campus.
  • Deadline to Apply- March 5, 2023

Registering for Off-Campus Housing Lottery 2023-2024

Off-Campus Housing Application

  • Students with an approved disability accommodation for Off-Campus through the Office for Disability and Access, do not need to apply for the Off-Campus Lottery. 
  • Students who want to be considered for off-campus housing status and have 6 or more projected semesters in residence by Fall 2023 and students who have exemptions will be the first to be approved for off-campus.
  • Students who have 6 or more semesters in residence or have been approved for an off-campus exemption are not allowed to register with a group. If ResLife finds this has occurred, the individual will be removed from the group.
  • Students who fail to enroll or complete the spring semester may lose their priority or eligibility for off-campus housing. An academic leave of absence counts as a semester; personal and medical leaves do not. 
  • Individuals not approved must pick a room through the General Lottery process. After the Lottery/Selection, eligible students still wishing to be considered for off-campus status may add their names to the summer housing waitlist. This waitlist begins after general on-campus housing selection. If the college is able to extend any additional off-campus offers, then only students on the summer housing waitlist will be contacted.

Notification & Acceptance

Applicants will be notified of their status in mid-March. 

Please note: Students must accept their offers for off-campus status. If a student does not actively accept their offer, Residence Life will note that they have not responded and will offer the off-campus spot to another student. 

Off-campus status may change your financial aid package.