As a residential college, Oberlin College believes that having students living and dining together fosters community, discourse, and debate

All students are required to live in college housing or in an Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) and participate in one of the dining programs through graduation.

The housing and dining registration form will be available June 1. This form and any other housing forms required for your housing preference must be submitted online by June 15.

You may share personal preferences that help us match you with a roommate, or you may also request a specific roommate.

Additional applications are available for several special housing options.

Exemptions from the housing and dining requirement are made for the following situations:

  • Students who are married to another individual who is a non-Oberlin college undergraduate student;
  • Students who commute from their parent or guardian's primary home (within a 50-mile radius of Oberlin);
  • Students who are age 23 or older by January 2 of the academic year;
  • Students who are enrolled for five or fewer credit hours;
  • Students who have underage, dependent children; and
  • Students classified by the registrar as graduate or special students.

To qualify for an exemption, appropriate and thorough documentation must be submitted by June 15, to the Office of Residential Education and Dining Services.

Please Note: Students classified by the Academic Advising Resource Center, as graduate or special students will be completely exempt from participating in a meal plan or living on campus.

Residence Halls

Oberlin provides a variety of living options for first-year students.

The Office of Residential Education and Dining Services understands that some students may have medical conditions that require special housing and or dining accommodations. Students requesting housing and or dining accommodations must contact the Office of Disability Resources and complete the disability self-disclosure form.

Forms must be received by June 15.

Students who complete and submit their registration forms by June 15, may review their housing and dining assignments, along with roommate contact information, beginning the last week of July. 

We will do our best to assign you to one of your preferences, but all assignments are based on availability.

Students who complete and submit their registration forms after June 15, will be considered late applications and have a greater likelihood of being assigned into our transitional housing, which may result in the need to be relocated to a permanent assignment during the year.

Check-in for new students on Monday, August 26, will begin at 9 a.m. To check in, go to your assigned residence hall if arriving before 12:30 p.m., or to the Office of Residential Education in Stevenson Hall-Griswold Commons, if arriving between 1 and 5 p.m. If you need to request an earlier check-in date, visit our website for information about the approval process and associated fees. The deadline to request an early arrival without additional penalty fees will be posted on this website as well.

The Campus Dining Service (CDS) program at Oberlin College offers a wide range of food options with an emphasis on healthy cooking from scratch, local foods, creative vegan/vegetarian offerings, and sustainable practices. All first-year students will participate in the GoYeo plan, which offers the following opportunities.

  • GoYeo enhanced plan provides unlimited access to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy breaks between meals in Stevenson Dining Commons. It also includes access to regular meals at Lord Saunders, break meals in Wilder, and $200 flex dollars per semester.
  • CDS offers the flexibility of six locations located throughout campus reflecting our commitment to quality service and a variety of option
  • Carry-out sick trays are also provided for students participating in a CDS meal plan who wish a hot meal while they are recovering
  • The dining halls at Oberlin College do more than feed students and staff. CDS has environmentally conscious initiatives that help prevent waste and preserve our natural resources.

You may use your meal plan at any of our dining locations .