Facilities Operations, Procurement, and Auxiliary Services


What is the difference between a hosted catalog and a punch-out catalog?

A punch-out catalog is an external link to the vendor's website created specifically for Oberlin College. Its search feature is for the current catalog only. When shopping is completed within the punch-out catalog, users will be transferred back to ObieBuy to complete the transaction. A hosted catalog is a version of the vendor's catalog within ObieBuy. This allows items to be searched and added to carts from within the ObieBuy interface.

Why can't I change quantities on some items in my shopping cart?

The ability to change quantity is based on the type of catalog that you use to select an item. o Punch-out catalog: Users will need to navigate back to the punch-out catalog in order to change the quantity. o Hosted catalog: Users may update items from a hosted catalog directly in the shopping cart.

Can I request that a specific vendor be added to ObieBuy?

Yes, new vendors may be requested by submitting a Request to Add a New Vendor form within ObieBuy. .

Why do some products cost more in ObieBuy?

Many websites offer temporary sales to increase traffic to their websites. The contract pricing in ObieBuy offers significant everyday savings. In ObieBuy, vendor pricing generally provides you with savings on shipping and handling fees.

Can I use my purchasing card to pay for my order?

No, ObieBuy is a Procure-to-Pay system, meaning it handles multiple steps in the purchasing process including: o Requisition o Purchase Order o Invoice Reconciliation o Accounts Payable Account numbers to be charged for the transaction will be entered into the requisition and "billed" when Accounts Payable submits payment to the vendor. If you have any questions about a payment, please e-mail ffusionp@oberlin.edu.

When I submit my requisition, does it go directly to the vendor?

No, there is a workflow process for departmental approvals that must be completed first. There may be additional approval steps at the Finance level based on the amount and type of purchase. Once the entire workflow process has been completed, a purchase order will be created and distributed to the vendor. Users can check the workflow status of a requisition by accessing the View Approvals tab on a pending requisition.

How/When was my purchase order sent to the vendor?

In ObieBuy, enter the purchase order number into the document search. Once the purchase order has been found, open the history tab. There will be a purchase order delivery message with a system date and time stamp.

How many forms can I use on a requisition?

While multiple line items are allowed per form, only one form is allowed per requisition. Departmental approvers need to complete the workflow process on each cart. Since the workflow process may vary based on the type of form and purchase you are making, only one form is allowed per requisition. Attempting to use more than one form on a single requisition may result in a do not mix error within ObieBuy. Extra forms will need to be removed from the current requisition and added to a new cart.

Can I save a completed form to use again later?

Yes, completed forms can be added to your personal favorites list. To do this, select Add to Favorites from the drop-down menu. Please note that for purchases that recur on a regular basis throughout the year, a Blanket Purchase Order may be more efficient.

What file types are allowed for attachments in ObieBuy?

The preferred file type for attachments is PDF. If a PDF cannot be obtained, a JPG is also allowed.

What happened to the comment I added to my requisition?

Comments will be available within the comments tab of the item on which they were entered. For instance, if a comment was added to a requisition, it will be on the comments tab for the requisition, but not the associated purchase order or invoice.

What should I do if I don't receive all my items or if my shipment is incorrect or damaged?

You will need to contact the vendor to resolve any discrepancies or to report the damaged goods. The contact information for the vendor will be included with you order confirmation or packing slip.