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College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Scholarship

Oberlin faculty members have produced an impressive array of academic research, ranging from poetry and fiction to scientific articles and textbooks.

These compilations celebrate the remarkable productivity and creativity of our faculty. As teacher-scholars deeply committed to liberal arts education, our faculty members are equally committed to producing new knowledge and disseminating it.

Since 2007, Arts and Sciences faculty have published 244 books; 2579 articles and book chapters; 143 works of fiction and poetry; 54 translations; 518 reviews; and mounted or screened 412 performances, exhibitions, and documentaries.

The contents in each catalog reflect the strength and vitality of our artists, humanists, and social and natural scientists. The range and depth of this scholarship is impressive, and confirms and exhibits our engagement with the world and the life of the mind.

Review our current issues below and browse through past catalogs in our series of catalogs.

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