Conservatory Professional Development

Internal Funding Opportunities

A wide range of internally sourced grants are open to Conservatory students.

Flint Initiative Grants (FIGs): FIGs provide Conservatory, Double Degree, and Musical Studies students up to $4,000 to pursue imaginative artistic projects to be implemented during winter term.

XARTs Fund: Oberlin’s XARTs Fund supports the development and execution of collaborative, multidisciplinary artistic projects to be implemented during winter term or the summer. All students are eligible to apply for support up to $4,000.

Grindlay Fund:  The Grindlay Music & Computer Science Innovation Fund supports the development and execution of projects that bring together music and sound with computer science or technological innovation. The fund is open to students in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Music. All students are eligible to apply for support up to $2,000.

Student Success Fund: Thanks to the generosity of Oberlin Conservatory alumni donors and friends, this fund provides support for a range of expenses related to professional endeavors such as application fees and associated expenses related to graduate schools, summer festivals, competitions as well as instrument repair and maintenance, and much more.

Career Development Center Summer Experience Grants: Oberlin’s Career Development Center offers a range of funding opportunities for summer experiences. The funding is intended to offset expenses related to an internship, community service, or pre-professional activity.

Winter Term Individual Project Grants: The Office of Winter Term annually awards a limited number of need-based grants up to $1000 per student.  Students can apply for funding inside their project application.

Shansi Grants: Oberlin Shansi promotes understanding and communication between Asians and Americans through individual and group educational programs and community projects. Oberlin Shansi provides a range of grants to support educational activities in Asia.

Bonner Center for Community-Engaged Learning, Teaching, and Research: Oberlin’s Bonner Center funds a small number of group and individual community service projects each year in Oberlin and beyond. Grants are typically awarded to projects that address real community needs, particularly those that will offer long-term benefits for communities and collaborating organizations.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programs: Oberlin’s entrepreneurship programs connect students with a diverse group of constituents including alumni in a variety of fields, friends of the college, and local specialists in innovation and business. Through experiential learning, co-curricular activities, and expert coaching, students are challenged to hone their intellectual and artistic passions.

Visit the Fellowships and Awards site if you are interested in applying for nationally competitive fellowship programs.