Technology Account (ObieID)

Your ObieID is your primary Oberlin College technology account. It provides access to most online services including email, course registration, OberView, Blackboard, a license for Microsoft Office 365, and more.

Get an ObieID

New Students

If you have paid the deposit to Oberlin, your ObieID will be available in a letter sent to you through the application portal on a rolling basis during the spring semester (for students starting in fall) or January (for students starting in spring).

New Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff should request an ObieID prior to arrival by filling out the online New Staff Account Request Form .

Before You Begin

Before you begin activating your account, make sure you have:

  • Your ObieID. Your username beginning with your first initial and ending with the first seven letters of your last name. E.g., jsmith
  • Your temporary password. The password issued to you along with your ObieID, usually your birthdate in the form DD-MMM-YYYY.
  • A smartphone or YubiKey hardware token. During activation, you'll be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Okta. Take a few minutes ahead of time review the the Okta Multi-Factor Options at-a-Glance and decide whether you'll use your smartphone to enroll or would prefer to get a YubiKey.

To activate your ObieID, you must have either a smartphone that is compatible with Okta Verify or a YubiKey to set up multi-factor authentication. If you require a need-based exemption or Okta Verify is not available through the app store in your home country, please contact as soon as possible, including your ObieID and a brief explanation in your email. CIT staff will work with you on a case-by-case basis to find the best MFA solution for you.

Setting Up Your ObieID

View a complete enrollment walkthrough video to get up and running in 5 minutes.

  1. Visit OberView ( Search for and launch the Manage my ObieID Account task.
  2. Enter your ObieID and temporary password.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to change the temporary password to a strong password of your choice.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA will help prevent your password from being stolen, guessed, or hacked.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to establish a secondary email address, an SMS-capable phone number, and/or a phone number where you can receive voice calls to receive temporary verification codes from Oberlin College.
  6. Once you’ve set a password, MFA, and password recovery options, you can use your ObieID to log in to your Oberlin Gmail account and more.

The list below is not exhaustive. Visit to see all services that can be accessed using your ObieID. As an added bonus, once you’re logged in to OberView, you won’t need to log in to each service individually; you‘ll already be logged in!

Your ObieID will normally follow the form: first initial of first name, followed by first seven characters of last name. Thus, if your name is Martha Washington, your ObieID will be mwashing.

All ObieIDs are unique forever, so if two people on campus whose ObieID should be “mwashing,” the second person’s ObieID will have a digit appended with letters of the last name included to equal a total of 8 characters.

Thus, Martha Washington and Mark Washington would be assigned mwashing and mwashin2, respectively.

Each person with an ObieID is also assigned an alias in the form of

You cannot use this email address to log in to OCMail, Blackboard, or other websites that require your ObieID, but you can use it to receive and send email.

For security reasons, ObieID passwords expire every 122 days. You will receive an email message 10 days prior to expiration to remind you to change your password.

If your password has expired, you can use Okta to reset it.

Send an email to containing the details of the change and, if you have not already, notify the Office of the Registrar (for students) or Human Relations (for faculty and staff).

CIT will contact the appropriate office and ensure that the name has formally been changed with the college. Then, we will contact you to let you know that the ObieID change has been completed.

See more details about the process:
Name Change FAQs page

If you need to have an account created, for example, an account for a new organization, download the Account Request Form . Once the form is complete: 

  • Bring it to the CIT Help Desk in the Academic Commons, or
  • Mail it to Oberlin College, CIT Help Desk, 148 West College St., Oberlin, OH 44074, or
  • Send a scanned copy of the completed and signed form to

Read the instructions below or view a short screencast on How to Change Your ObieID Password using Okta.

  1. Visit OberView ( Search for and launch the Manage my ObieID Account task or go directly to
  2. Log in using your existing ObieID and password. If you've set up multi-factor authentication, respond to the MFA challenge when prompted.
  3. Click on your name in the main menu bar.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Click the green Edit Profile button.
  6. Enter your current ObieID password and click Verify.
  7. If you're enrolled in multi-factor authentication, respond to the MFA challenge.
  8. In the Change Password module located in the upper right:
    • Enter your current ObieID password.
    • Enter your new password.
    • Enter your new password again.
    • Click Change Password.

When you're finished, make sure to log out completely.

You should not have any apps assigned to you in Okta; this is normal. To access your Okta settings page from this view, click on your name in the upper right portion of the main menu bar and click Settings.