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Mobile ObieID Card

The Mobile ObieID Card is available to all enrolled students and current employees. Tap your iPhone, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy or other eligible Android phones at readers across campus to conveniently access your ObieID.

Before You Begin

Users may obtain a physical ID Card if their smartphone does not support Mobile Credential. If you have questions, open a ticket using the CIT Services portal.

Set Up Your Mobile ObieID Card

There is minimal set-up required to use the Mobile ObieID Card, most users will be able to begin using it in minutes.

Step 1: Submit Your Photo

Make sure you have submitted an ID Card photo.

  1. Click Sign In.
  2. Enter your ObieID and Password.
  3. In the top menu, click Profile.
  4. Locate the Click to submit a new photo link to upload an image.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update.

Your photo needs to be approved by the ID Card Office in order to continue to Step 2, you will receive an email once your photo has been approved.

Step 2: Download the eAccounts Mobile App

Download the eAccounts Mobile app. Select Oberlin College and login with your ObieID and password.

The eAccounts Mobile app allows you to access your Flex Points, ObieDollars, and Meal Plan accounts and transactions. You can also add money to your Obie Dollars account within the app.

The eAccounts Mobile app can be used to view account activity even if you have a physical ID card.

Step 3: Add Mobile ObieID to Wallet

Please note: proceeding with step 3 will deactivate your active physical ID card if you have one.

Tap Add to Wallet

Need more detailed instructions? Click on the button for your wallet below to see the complete user guide and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Using Your Mobile ObieID Card

Where can I use my Mobile ObieID Card?

  • Door Access 
  • Libraries 
  • All Dining Hall locations
  • Off Campus Merchants

Using Mobile ObieID Card on iPhone

Your iPhone or Apple Watch must be turned on, but it does not have to be connected to a network. For iPhones 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and later, Express Mode allows you to use your ObieID without unlocking the device with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Just tap your device against the reader to recognize your ObieID. On iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR Express Mode with power reserve is available for up to five hours after the device’s battery needs to be charged. 

To display your Mobile ObieID Card, open Apple Wallet and select your ObieID from your saved cards.

Using Your Mobile ObieID Card on Android

Google Wallet users do not need to unlock their phone, but the screen must be awake to use your ObieID. Tap the power button to wake the screen and tap your phone against the reader. Note, the antenna location may vary by device, although it is often in the middle of the phone. As a result, you may have to adjust the orientation of your phone against the reader to have your mobile credential recognized. To display your ObieID, open the Transact eAccounts app and select the View in Google Wallet icon.

Samsung Wallet users have Fast Mode and do not need to turn on your screen or unlock your phone. Just tap your Samsung Galaxy against the reader to use your ObieID. To display your ObieID, open the Transact eAccounts app and select the View in Samsung Wallet icon.

Getting Help

Open a Ticket

Open a ticket using the CIT Services Portal.