Center for Information Technology

3-Year Strategic Plan

Invest in our people

CIT will attract, develop, and retain a diverse, engaged workforce skilled in continuous innovation and effective technology navigation, supported by a robust multi-year succession planning strategy.

Technology as a strategic enabler

CIT will align technology with institutional objectives, advocate for technology as a strategic enabler, advise leadership on cybersecurity risk management, and champion digital transformation.

Modernize technology infrastructure and systems

CIT will improve institutional resilience and competitiveness by upgrading technology infrastructure, centralizing solutions, prioritizing a cloud-first approach, and promoting integration and automation.

Streamline processes and user experience

CIT will advance automated service management, focusing on process improvement, user experience, and self-service through innovative, collaborative approaches to enhance efficiency.

Strengthen the college’s cybersecurity shields

CIT will initiate an information security program to enhance a security-focused culture, ensure operational compliance, and manage risks, protecting the college’s digital and sensitive information.

Strategic technology partnership

CIT will be a strategic technology partner, committed to achieving exceptional teaching and learning experiences, and actively supporting various income-generating initiatives.