Center for Information Technology

3-Year Strategic Plan

Invest in our people

Develop a skilled, diverse workforce that champions innovation through professional development and retention, nurturing a positive, inclusive culture for all.

Technology as a strategic enabler

Align technology with institutional goals, advocate its strategic role, enhance cybersecurity, and fuel income-generating initiatives.

Exceptional Teaching & Learning Experiences

Partner with the community to leverage technology, deliver exceptional teaching and learning experiences, and become a leader among liberal arts colleges.

Modernizing IT Infrastructure

Enhance institutional resilience and competitiveness with cloud-first infrastructure, integrated automation, and investments in long-term systems for emerging technology.

Strengthening cybersecurity

Establish a growing information security program, risk management and implement layered security approach to protect college’s digital assets.

Streamline processes & user experience

Curate excellent user experience by streamlining business processes with intuitive services to enhance efficiency through automation and self-service.