Integrative Concentrations

Educational Pathways Bridging Theory and Practice

3 people in the lobby of an office building.
Noah Gabriel ’20 spent his summer as a Data Analyst Intern at the World Bank.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Noah Gabriel ’20

Integrative concentrations are educational pathways that connect coursework with experiential learning opportunities such as high-quality internships, undergraduate research, and community-based projects. They enrich student learning with direct practical engagement while allowing students to explore meaningful career options.

Program Descriptions

Building on Oberlin’s unique history of learning and labor, integrative concentrations help students translate theory into practice, imaginary audiences into real people, critique into constructive solutions. Each program involves coursework, experiential learning, and the completion of a digital learning portfolio, a unique tool for students to reflect on their concentration while presenting signature accomplishments to audiences within and beyond campus. Integrative concentrations complement but do not replace majors, and are open to students in both the Conservatory and the College.