Career Exploration and Development

Interview Travel Grants

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, Career Exploration and Development (CED) has limited funds available to help defray costs incurred by students traveling for professional interviews. These funds are intended to help students whose interviewing expenses are not reimbursed by the interviewing organization.

Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis until depleted. As with most funds available through CED, financial need (as determined by the Financial Aid Office) will be one criterion for awarding these grants. Recipients will be reimbursed for their expenses, usually up to a maximum of $500 per student, after the event.

Important: In order for your reimbursement to be processed, you will need to submit the following documentation to Career Exploration and Development:

  • A copy of your resume
  • An estimated budget of expected expenses
  • Complete interview details (who, what, when, and where), including a confirmation email from the interviewing organization 
  • Original receipts for all relevant expenses (to be submitted as soon as possible after the event)

Since funds are awarded on a rolling basis, it’s to your advantage to submit your documentation as early as possible. All recipients also will be asked to write a thank-you note to the generous donor who made these funds available.

If you have any questions about interview travel grants, please contact Career Exploration and Development.