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My Favourite Study Spots on Campus

November 12, 2021

Aishwarya Krishnaswamy ’23

With midterms hanging like a dagger over our heads, Obies are on the GRIND! It's once again the time of the year where libraries on campus are overflowing with students who are: 

  • Sleep-deprived 

  • Staring at their screen with glossy eyes 

  • Barely swallowing their food as they return back to their keypad with greasy fingers that just touched some sweet potato fries from The Rath

  • Zoning out in space 

  • Some oddballs, super hyper & energetic with all that adrenaline build-up dancing and singing around the library (like me!) 

It's a whole spectrum here! With exam season on my mind, here is a list of my favorite study spots (some indoor, some outdoors) on campus over the years. I love writing on whiteboards and understanding how everything fits together and also studying around a lot of people so my list is influenced by those preferences.

Indoor spots 

Science Library & Love Lounge: This is the god-tier library, something for every mood. The long glass windows, fresh plants, random brain photos, and the chemical periodic table do it for me. The 3 main parts of the science building I go to are: 

Love lounge
The time is 11:45 pm and yes,
we are on the verge of crying
in the Love Lounge
science center
My friend Sarah Mia and I
excited to eat lunch
after our Ochem class! 
science lib
My friend Sofia and I studying in the lib.
  • The science atrium: a good socializing & study spot 
  • The science library: an excellent 'buckle-down and get shit done' spot
  • The Love Lounge (on the second floor): a good 'cry over Ochem' spot

Mudd 1st floor & womb chair: This is a great spot if you love working around people. First-floor highlights: 

  • Cool roly-poly whiteboards that I love to write on 
  • Constantly bump into friends, aka study fiends :) 
  • Azzie's cafe right there if you need the caffeine boost 
  • Friendly and functional printer called 'commons-bizhub' lives here


Mudd lib
The roly-poly whiteboards in Mudd
are the only ones who hear me swear, they get it. 

North Starlight Lounge: I lived in North my sophomore year. The lounge on the second floor is a great spot to study with its big windows and cozy vibe. 

Slow Train Cafe: This cafe downtown is a great spot, especially when I need the extra motivation and a change of scene from the libraries, but be wary I've burned a small hole in my pocket with all the coffee I get here! 

slow train
My latte & crossoisant from Slow Train 
right before my 8:35 am class 

The Hotel at Oberlin lobby: The lounges are a good escape spot from the usual campus spots. Plus, it's a lot more fun when you see all these 'real adults' giving you the pitiful 'look, the college kid!' look. 

Pyle Co-op: I eat in this dining hall, so it's super convenient to grab a corner spot and get some stuff done until the meal is ready. 

Wilder ~ window nook: When the libraries are closed, sometimes I study here by the window facing Wilder Bowl. It's a good spot if you like to be around people when you work. 

Severance psychology lounge: The psychology lounge is another fun lounge. Come hang out with the psyc kids; we are the best major, with the best people on campus (just saying!). 

Burton Lounge: Burton has a bunch of lounges that are pretty conducive for studying. This is the building where I currently live and write my blogs in the first floor lounge. 

Outdoor spots 

Science Bowl: I love this spot because the internet connection is mostly stable, and the view of the campus is pretty nice out here. 

Science bowl
That's my station in science bowl 

Wilder porch/Wilder Bowl: The tables and chairs on the porch are perfect for a beautiful day…..full of work! 

Gazebo (Tappan Square): Major pro: has a power outlet!! So yay if you like to work outdoors but are also running out of battery.  

North Quad: I love sitting down on the grass, soaking up the sun (when it's out), and doing my readings here. 

north quad
That's the North Quad scene.


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