Langston (North Hall)

Exterior view of Langston (North) Hall.
Photo credit: Yvonne Gay

Langston, commonly referred to as North Hall, is one of the larger residence halls on campus, housing 215 students from all class years. A traditional residence hall, Langston offers  a large number of singles and several quads. Langston’s size gives the hall an active community many find enjoyable. Opening onto a green on the south side, Langston is just a short walk from the Jesse Philips Physical Education Center and adjacent athletic fields.

Langston has small study lounges throughout the hall as well as a graciously large Starlight Lounge on the second floor with a painted ceiling displaying the lounge’s namesake. Programs in this lounge have ranged from steel drum bands and mocktails to tea times and chats. Kitchenettes are available throughout Langston allowing for larger groups or for individuals to cook their own meals if they so choose.

Langston is named for John Mercer Langston, one of the earliest African Americans to earn a degree at Oberlin. He went on to become an accomplished statesman and lawyer.