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Aishwarya Krishnaswamy ’23

My name is Aishwarya (eye-shh-var-ee-ya). I am a senior here majoring in Psychology. I am from Mumbai, India (a bustling city, the house of Bollywood, and has the best Paani-puri's!). At Oberlin, I love to:

  • Read books in my favorite spot in Tappan
  • Get some moments of peace near the koi-fish pond
  • Engage in deep, philosophical conversations with friends 
  • Swoon at the moon, squirrels, and bunnies on-campus
  • Eat & clean in my co-op

Coming from Mumbai, I chose Oberlin because of its rich background in the arts and its strong research focus on the sciences. The idea of holistic learning (not only in classes but pushing myself out of my comfort zone in every way) in a liberal environment with people who care was everything I was looking for! 

I learned about Oberlin as a junior in high school. I was selected to be a student researcher through the Pioneer Academics program (Oberlin gave me credits for the quality of my college-level research in high school). Since coming to Oberlin, I have become even more grounded in serving and being a part of a community. I am grateful to Oberlin for providing me with an environment where I feel deeply comfortable growing and learning in my own skin.

I enjoy writing when I have something to say. I often process life through writing. My blogs will be a reflection of my time here at Oberlin. I feel a deep sense of connection with this land. I have cultivated meaningful connections with time, which has enriched my undergrad experience. Needless to say, Oberlin has a real special place in my heart. I love talking about Oberlin and its student life, so please reach out to have a conversation about any of those things.

Sending you love and light in the decisions you make (because I know choosing a college can be stressful!), but we are here to provide you support along the way : - ) 


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