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Aishwarya Krishnaswamy ’23

My name is Aishwarya (eye-shh-var-ya) and I am a sophomore at Oberlin. I am from Mumbai, India (a bustling cosmopolitan with the best Paani—Puri’s). When I am not looking at Obie squirrels or sipping on chai latte from the Slow Train café, I enjoy watching the Oberlin skies, biking around campus, pampering my houseplants, dancing Kathak (an Indian classical dance form), and engaging in meaningful conversations with friends and strangers.

A small quirk about me is that when I was 14 years old, I was intensely interested in astrology and would furiously remember people’s birthday (sometimes even better than their names). While my fascination with astrology waned over time, my tendency to remember people’s birthday’s better than their names did not. Challenge me if [you] want!

I enjoy writing about things I am figuring out in my life. I am strongly connected to land and its people and I hope you see both these themes in my posts. Lastly, I am always open to new ideas and fondly encourage curiosity, so don’t  hesitate to reach out with your Qs and I will try to give my wittiest As.

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