Program Overview


The psychology major at Oberlin is distinctive for its depth, variety, and research opportunities. Interdisciplinary in nature, it often serves as a gateway to other academic and professional programs. Discovery through psychological research is emphasized as psychology majors conduct experiential investigations in laboratory courses, participate actively in faculty projects, and engage in independent studies.

woman professor and three students look amused while seated at table.
Professor and Chair of Psychology Nancy Darling and her students express delight over 1step2life, a web-based app they developed that helps adolescents manage chronic pain.
Photo credit: John Seyfried

Program Facts

  • Program Type: Major
    • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Department: Psychology

Program Director

Nancy Darling,
Professor of Psychology


Psychology Faculty

Psychology faculty are both scholars and teachers who devote their careers to making important contributions to their disciplines through collaborative research, and writing. Their research interests include adolescent social relations, psychological disorders, human memory, language, environmental psychology, use of technology and non-traditional treatments, and more.

Psychology News

From Main Stage to Airwaves

November 17, 2020

The curtain has closed on many professional, community, and college theaters throughout the country due largely to the global pandemic. Yet those who have the audacity to reimagine the theater and the arts in new ways are discovering the options are varied and rewarding.
four pepple spread out in a room making an audio recording.

Winter Term: Psychological Factors on COVID-19

October 1, 2020

Many areas of the country saw significant drops in pollution levels when stay-at-home orders were put in place several months ago. The effects on the atmosphere suggested to Devin Williams ’21 that there might be other factors to investigate. He joined a team of students who assisted Professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies Cindy Frantz in a project that would lead to the study of COVID-19 on psychological factors.
A lake with the reflection of trees.

Winter Term - Summer 2020

September 3, 2020

More than 200 students performed individual and group projects during this year’s Winter Term. Although typically held in January, it was shifted to August this year under the same premise: a time for students to explore opportunities outside of their regular course of study.
A portrait of a girl next to a poster of a figure with COVID-19 symptoms