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Jesse Hernandez

Hi everyone, and welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere! I'm excited to share some of my knowledge and experiences on college and the admissions process with you, and hope you will find them helpful. I grew up in the small town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, where I learned to appreciate all that a small but vibrant community has to offer. Oberlin has many of the same traits, and perhaps that's one of the reasons I have enjoyed my time here so much. Although not an Oberlin alum, as a music major and graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College (just across town), I had always held the school in high regard and often visited campus for concerts. After receiving my master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University, I was fortunate enough to be able to join the Oberlin community working for the Conservatory of Music. Now that I have transitioned to the College Admissions office, I have enjoyed learning about all of the great things being accomplished in the College of Arts and Sciences.

In my spare time, I'm active as a musician, writing and performing music on my cello, guitar, bass, piano, and even a bit of singing now and then. If you're lucky (or....unlucky?) you may catch me performing somewhere with my band, Top Hat Black. I also love sports, especially basketball and soccer, and occasionally attempt to play them like I used to with mixed results.

I'm the Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment for our office, which allows me to work closely with diverse communities across the country, and help lead our Multicultural Visit Programs. It's always fun to get to meet so many amazing prospective students through these programs and help recruit the next Obies!

I look forward to hearing from everyone who takes the time to read my entries, and hopefully making someone's college search process a little easier and less intimidating.

Entries from this blogger

All Roads Lead to Rom- Uh, Oberlin

February 24, 2009

The applications were sent, the waiting is over, and by the magic of a little envelope in the mail, POOF! You're now one step closer to being an Obie. But, if you've been accepted, what is available to help you decide if Oberlin is the right place for you? Man, if only there was some great and helpful program...


Admissions Finds a Way

December 19, 2008

Even after hours of playing music, listening to music, talking about music, sleeping, and doing everything that has nothing to do with college admissions, my work follows me home...