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Don't be a phantom, get on our radar!

August 19, 2009

Jesse Hernandez

I've spoken with a few different prospective students and/or their family members lately asking about various programs that the admissions office is hosting. While doing so, I've come across more than a few comments along the lines of: "so and so's kid received an invitation for this event, but we wouldn't have even heard about it if I hadn't heard them talking about it." This is often followed by: "Why are they being recruited and we aren't?" or, "How can we get on this VIP list?"

I hate to disappoint anyone out there who feels they are on some awesome VIP list, but when we send out invitations or announcements for programs, we aren't doing so in any exclusive manner. Students who receive notifications are sent those based on a simple equation: are you in our system, and do you fit the program criteria (i.e. we don't send NYC Fly-In program info to people in California). So, the question you then need to ask yourself is, have I let the Oberlin admissions office know that I'm interested in Oberlin? If you know that you haven't or are unsure, I invite you to take just a couple of minutes and fill out the form on the following page:


That is our general form for submitting your information to the admissions office. We can then follow up with you and send you any relevant information, and also keep you notified about various programs and events. This can include visit programs, information sessions in your area, interview possibilities by admissions counselors in your area, and lots more. Many of you may have already filled out that form, but if you haven't, what are you waiting for? Why not get on our super-awesome VIP list?

We do try to let as many people as possible know about events/programs/opportunities we offer, and our website is another way we try to spread the word. Check out the Visit Programs page of our website. It's updated throughout the year as more programs become available, so check back often. While you're there, you may also want to browse our Visit Calendar which is packed with tour times, information sessions times, and other campus visit events.

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